More on stinkwort

Aug 14, 2013

At this week’s Monday Afternoon Weeders (MAW) meeting, Brad Hanson shared the following article from the Sacramento Bee: Stinkwort's fast growth could threaten California's wine growers

CBS picked up the story: Wine Country Growers Worried about Stinky Invasive Weed

Then there’s Jeannette Warnert’s blog post, Unwelcome weed 'stinkwort' spreading quickly in California.

Lastly, here is the weed report on stinkwort from the new Weed Control in Natural Areas in the Western United States book. Other weed reports from the book can be found HERE (PDFs online).

Books are available for purchase at

UC Weed Workgroup members wanting a personal copy of the book can contact me for a 30% discount off the retail price ($37).

By Gale Perez
Author - Program Representative