The Place to Be Oct. 24: UC Davis Arboretum Plant Sale

Oct 23, 2015

So, you're looking for some host plants to attract butterflies, like monarchs and pipevine swallowtails?

You're yearning to see monarch eggs, caterpillars and chrysalids on milkweed. Ditto for the pipevine swallowtails on their host plant, Dutchman's pipe.

You also want some butterfly bushes and other nectar plants.

And you're thinking of replacing your drought-stricken lawn with drought-tolerant plants.

You're in luck!

The UC Davis Arboretum Plant Sale is Saturday, Oct. 24 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Teaching Nursery on Garrod Drive. (See directions)

"We're going to have a lot plants -- over 16,000 – including lots of Arboretum All-Stars in honor of their 10-year anniversary,"  spokesperson Katie Hetrick told us today.

The All-Stars are 100 specially selected plants "that have provided California with a foundation for creating attractive, easy-care landscapes that save water." A large selection of Arboretum All-Stars, California natives, and other regionally appropriate plants will be available.

The public sale offers benefits for Arboretum members, who can save 10 percent. Non-members can join at the door. For additional information, see benefits of memberships.

What's available at the plant sale? Is there a list? Yes, and folks are checking it twice!  You can access it on the website or download the PDF.

While you're on the campus, you can explore the 100-acre UC Davis Arboretum, a horticultural and cecreational treasure filled with scientific collections, demonstration gardens, educational information and art work. You can walk or bike the trails. Bring your camera.

If you're lucky, a monarch will flutter by.