Fleeting Face of Mr. Van Dyke

May 20, 2016

He's racing through the lavender patch at breakneck speed, as if he's going to be charged with nectar robbing.

The male Bombus vandykei, an engaging blond bumble bee, twists, turns and zig-zags through the long-stemmed lavender. There is no one in pursuit.

Well, except for me and my trusty camera. I'm stationary. The camera is not. Neither is Mr. Van Dyke.

In his morning mission for flight fuel, the golden blob of a bumble bee visits a dozen lavender blossoms, sipping breakfast as if it's a smoothie, and then he's off and running. Buzzing, really. I don't know where he's going but I hope he knows where he went. The welcome mat is out.

Just another day in the lavender patch. But a beautiful day to sight the male Van Dyke bumble bee.