Three's a Crowd: The Saga of Two Stink Bugs and a Bee

Jun 9, 2017

So, here we are, a couple of stink bugs hidden in the lavender. Unnoticed. Undetected. Undisturbed.

We're loving the lavender, and we're in the process of providing the world with more stink bugs.

"Okay, we know, we know. We're red-shouldered stink bugs (Thyanta pallidovirens). You humans named us but you don't define us.  You guys think we're pests and are always trying to research our reproductive behavior. And you're bound and determined to control us and our offspring.

"But, could we just ask for some privacy, please? Oh, what's that sound? Sounds like a buzz saw coming right at us!"

The honey bee touches down next to them and stops to sip some nectar. Her antennae brush against the couple. "Move!" she says to the stink bugs. "I'm trying to work here."

Nobody moves but the bee.