A Timely Topic and None Too Soon: The Troubling State of Pollinators

Christina Grozinger, a keynote speaker
Christina Grozinger, a keynote speaker
What a timely topic--and none too soon! And the University of California, Davis, is a major part of it.

Next July: a major occurrence in the world of pollinators:

UC Davis will host the seventh annual International Pollinator Conference, a four-day conference focusing on pollinator biology health and policy. It is set from Wednesday, July 17 through Saturday, July 20,  in the UC Davis Conference Center.

Co-chairing the event are pollination ecologist Neal Williams, professor of entomology, and Extension apiculturist Elina Lastro Niño, both of the UC Davis Department of Entomology and Nematology.

The conference, themed “Multidimensional Solutions to Current and Future Threats to Pollinator Health,” will cover a wide range of topics in pollinator research: from genomics to ecology and their application to land use and management; to breeding of managed bees; and to monitoring of global pollinator populations. Topics discussed will include recent research advances in the biology and health of pollinators, and their policy implications.

Keynote speakers are Christina Grozinger, distinguished professor of entomology and director of the Center for Pollinator Research, Pennsylvania State University, (the research center launched the annual pollinator conferences in 2012) and Lynn Dicks, Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Research Fellow, School of Biological Sciences, University of East Anglia, England.

Grozinger researches health and social behavior in bees and is developing comprehensive approaches to improving  pollinator health and reduce declines. Dicks, an internationally respected scientist, studies bee ecology and conservation. She received the 2017 John Spedan Lewis Medal for contributions to insect conservation.

Other speakers include:

  • Claudio Gratton, professor, Department of Entomology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Quinn McFrederick, assistant professor, Department of Entomology, UC Riverside
  • Scott McArt, assistant professor, Department of Entomology, Cornell University
  • Maj Rundlöf, International Career Grant Fellow, Department of Biology, Lund University, Sweden
  • Juliette Osborne, professor and chair, Applied Ecology, University of Exeter, England
  • Maggie Douglas, assistant professor, Environmental Studies, Dickinson College

The UC Davis Honey and Pollination Center, directed by Amina Harris, is playing a major role in the international conference. The center's events manager, Elizabeth Luu, is serving as the conference coordinator. For more information on the conference, access the UC Davis Honey and Pollination website at https://honey.ucdavis.edu/pollinatorconference2019 and sign up for the newsletter for up-to-date information.