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North American Meat Insitiute Releases MyMeatUp App for IPhones and Androids

The following came from the NAMI Lean Trimmings newsletter.


Meat Institute to Launch MyMeatUp App Tuesday.  The Meat Institute will nationally launch its new MyMeatUp app on Tuesday morning with a broad release to mainstream media outlets as well as college publications.  The release is part of a larger marketing strategy for the app over the next several months.  MyMeatUp is the first-of-its-kind mobile app aimed at helping consumers become more confident when buying meat and poultry.  The free app is the only available app with a full guide to beef, pork, lamb and veal retail meat cuts, and draws on content from, a popular resource that was launched in 2016. 


Meat Institute staff and members have assisted in giving the app a solid rating prior to release. MyMeatUp currently has 29 five-star reviews in the Apple app store, which should help its searchability.  Members who have not downloaded the app are strongly encouraged to do so and provide positive reviews.  To download the iPhone version, click here.  The Android version is available here.

Posted on Monday, January 23, 2017 at 2:21 PM
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American Sheep Industry Offers Up Market News App for Smartphones

This is exciting news for those of you who own either an Apple or Android smartphone and want current lamb and wool prices. I've reposted the announcement from ASI here for you.

"Lamb markets -- Is there an app for that? Well, yes, as a matter of fact there is. Producers can tap into auctions and prices at any time - while checking on the sheep, between meetings or during lunch.

The American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) has launched its first mobile application providing lamb and wool market information to anyone with a smartphone or tablet. The free market app is available for both Apple and Android operating systems.

"ASI is pleased to offer market information to anyone in the industry with a smartphone," remarks Peter Orwick, ASI executive director.

ASI worked closely with Randy Hammerstrom, officer in charge at the Greeley U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service's (AMS) Livestock, Poultry and Grain Market News division, to hand-select the portions of the USDA reports to offer in this first version of the industry market app.

"The app offers a good variety of national reports as well as market results from seven auction barns from around the country," emphasizes Hammerstrom. "Producers can access price data as the information is made available by USDA."

"This app will provide the industry with the convenience of valuable market data anywhere, anytime," says AMS Administrator Anne Alonzo. "Partnerships between USDA and the sheep industry are a critical component to supporting American producers."

The app is titled ASI Market News which can be downloaded from Apple's App Store or the Android Store. From the front page, users can select to search national reports or action reports.

"Producers' thoughts on the usefulness of this tool as well as any ideas on additional information that would be valuable to access from the app is appreciated," says Orwick. "This is a work in progress and we want to provide you with the best possible product."

Posted on Friday, August 2, 2013 at 1:56 PM
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USDA Report: More Slaughter Plants Needed for Direct and Local Sales

The following is a repost from the American Sheep Industry Weekly.

Demand for locally sourced products in the United States has increased in recent years, but producers often claim that a lack of slaughter facilities is a key reason that it is not expanding more quickly, writes Chris Harris.

According to a new report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service, although the share of total U.S. agricultural products sold through local food markets is small - direct-to-consumer sales accounted for 0.4 percent of total agricultural sales in 2007 - it continues to develop.

According to the 2007 Census of Agriculture, direct-to-consumer marketing amounted to $1.2 billion in 2007, compared with $551 million in 1997, a growth of 118 percent, the report, Slaughter and Processing Options and Issues for Locally Sourced Meat by Rachel J. Johnson, Daniel L. Marti and Lauren Gwin said.

The 2007 numbers are the most recent available from the Census of Agriculture, as the 2012 census is currently being carried out.

The percentage of livestock operations selling product directly to consumers or retailers is much smaller than that for other agricultural products. In 2007, only 6.9 percent of livestock operations participated in direct sales, compared with 44.1 percent of all vegetable and melon farms.

The report said that limited slaughter and processing capacity is often cited, particularly by producers, as a key barrier to marketing their meat and poultry locally.

This report looks at the slaughter and processing capacity and options available to livestock producers selling into local markets. Read the report at ldpm-livestock,-dairy,-and-poultry-outlook/ldpm216-01.aspx.

Posted on Friday, July 20, 2012 at 2:10 PM
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