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Delta Field Corn Variety Trial Meeting

September 24, 2014;  10 am - 11:30 am

Mello Farms, Brunk Road, Tyler Island


PDF 9/5/14
Alfalfa Field Meeting February 25, 2010 Viewing of Research Trials for control of Common Groundsel in alfalfa. Topics include: * application timing * short and long term herbicide effectiveness * tank mixes * new herbicides and spray nozzle comparison PDF 7/26/10
San Joaquin & Stanislaus Rice Growers Meeting Friday, March 13, 2009 PDF 7/26/10
Wheat Variety Field Meeting May 15, 2008 PDF 7/26/10
Bean Growers Meeting Wednesday, February 27, 2008 PDF 7/26/10
Fall Edition 2007 * Wheat Variety Trials * Barley Variety Trials * 2007 California Alfalfa & Forage Symposium - Dec. 17-19 PDF 7/26/10
Rice Field Meeting October 2, 2007 PDF 7/26/10
Tri County Bean Production Meeting Thursday, March 8, 2007 PDF 7/26/10
Press Release - Jan. 29, 2007 Press Release Contents: US Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Johanns, will be at the Ag Center in Modesto on Thursday, February 1, 2007 at 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. Area growers and members of the agricultural industry are strongly encouraged to attend. See newsletter for more details. (If you are on more than one of our mailing lists, please excuse duplicate emails.) PDF 7/26/10
September 2006 * Wheat Variety Trials * Oat Variety Trial * Alfalfa Varieties * Roundup Ready Alfalfa PDF 7/26/10
Oat Variety Tour May 15, 2006 PDF 7/26/10
Alfalfa Field Meeting - Rescheduled Thursday, April 13, 2006 PDF 7/26/10
Bean Growers Meeting Tuesday, March 14, 2006 PDF 7/26/10
San Joaquin & Stanislaus Rice Growers Meeting February 21, 2006 Nathaniel's Restaurant, 1429 Stanislaus St., Escalon PDF 7/26/10
Rice Production Workshop February 23, 2005 This year, in substitute of the annual Escalon Rice Grower meeting, we will hold the Rice Production Workshop. The workshop will be held Wednesday, February 23 at the UC Cooperative Extension Office, 420 S. Wilson Way, Stockton. This full day short course is aimed at growers and industry people at any level of rice production knowledge and covers every major topic of rice growing. Each participant takes home a resource binder filled with up to date information on all the topics covered. A registration fee of $30.00 includes resource materials and lunch. Enclosed are the reservation form, the program outline and pre-payment requirements that need to be returned by February 16. This workshop has been highly successful in the Sacramento Valley the past two years. I hope you take this opportunity to join us here on February 23. Please reserve early since space is limited to 50 people. PDF 7/26/10
October 2004 Wheat & Barley Varieties for the 2005 Crop; Wheat Growers Get Solution for Grass Weed Control; 2002-04 Yield Results from UCCE Sacramento Valley Wheat Variety Trials; 2004 Irrigated Wheat Grain Protein Summary for Sacramento Valley; 2004 Wheat Stripe Rust Summary for Sacramento Valley; 2002-04 Central Valley Rainfed Wheat Yield Summary; 2002-04 Irrigated Barley Yield Summary; 2002-04 Central Valley Rainfed Barley Yield Summary; PDF 7/26/10
September 2004 - Alfalfa Issue USDA Crop Acreage Report Shows CA Alfalfa Hay Acres Down in 2004; Using Varieties or Cutting Schedules to Achieve Quality Hay; UC Davis Alfalfa Cultivar Trial 2002-03 Yields; Upcoming National Alfalfa Symposium - Dec. 13-15; California AgrAbility Partnership between UC Davis & Easter Seals PDF 7/26/10
July 2004 Lygus Bug Management in Dry Beans; Cattle Poisoning from Alfalfa Hay; San Joaquin Historical Museum; Calendar of Events PDF 7/26/10
Bean Growers Meeting March 10, 2004 PDF 7/26/10
Alfalfa Grower Meeting March 3, 2004 PDF 7/26/10
San Joaquin & Stanislaus Rice Growers Meeting February 19, 2004 at Nathaniel's Restaurant, Escalon PDF 7/26/10
2004 Triennial Calif. Corn Growers Meeting February 13, 2004 PDF 7/26/10
October 2003 2003 Barley Trial Results Fall Maintenance of Alfalfa 2003 Calif. Alfalfa & Forage Symposium Agenda & Registration Form PDF 7/26/10
August 2003 Wheat Stripe Rust Fungicide Trials 2003 Wheat Variety Trials PDF 7/26/10
February 2003 Wheat Fertilization for Yield and Protein Management of Egyptian Alfalfa Weevil and Protection of Yields with Selected Insecticides Rice Grower Meeting Notice PDF 7/26/10
November 2002 New Herbicide for Alfalfa 2002 Western Alfalfa & Forage Conference PDF 7/26/10
August 2002 Bakanae Disease Update Raptor Herbicide Registration for Alfalfa Annual Ryegrass Variety Trial Annual California Rice Field Day Conservation Tillage Conference 2002 Bean Field Day PDF 7/26/10
September 2001 San Joaquin Delta Common Wheat Variety Trial Key to Common Alfalfa & Cotton Aphids in CA Alfalfa Variety Trial Alfalfa Symposium About our website PDF 7/26/10
August 2001 San Joaquin County Cotton Update Plan for an Early Alfalfa Estab. Hay Yield Comparison at Diff. Plant Times Winter Forage Crop Options Rice Field Day, Biggs, CA PDF 7/26/10
August 2000 Wheat Variety Results 2000 Barley Variety Results 2000 Oat Forage Varieties 1999 Rice Field Day, Biggs, CA PDF 7/26/10