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California Cherry Research Review 2017

  • Classical Biological control of Spotted Wing Drosophila
  • Developing attractive baits for Drosophila suzukii
  • Management and epidemiology of pre- and post-harvest foliar and fruit diseases of sweet cherry 
  • Engineered transgenic Drosophila suzukii for wild population suppression and eradication: Production, performance assessment, and effective wild releases
  • 2016 California Cherry Board Update
  • Oviposition deterrents and insecticides for Spotted Wing Drosophila control in cherry
  • San Jose Scale control in cherries
  • Better understanding of sweet cherry post-harvest cracking in California and potential strategies to reduce its incidence
  • Update: 2016/2017 chill accumulation
  • Existing approaches, challenges, and possibilities for mechanical tree fruit and sweet cherry harvesting
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