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Our Mission

True to the mission of the land grant universities, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources connects the power of UC research in agriculture, natural resources, nutrition and youth development with local communities to improve the lives of all Californians.

For over 100 years, our advisors, specialists, faculty and staff have been committed to:

  • Connecting Californians to their University
  • Leading the way to science-based solutions
  • Providing information that is trustworthy and not biased
  • Sharing research that is practical to use
  • Addressing local concerns as part of the community
  • Inviting the participation of concerned stakeholders
  • Facilitating problem-solving and outreach to address the state's toughest challenges
UC Blogs
  • A female metallic green sweat bee, genus Agapostemon, on a purple coneflower. (Photo by Kathy Keatley Garvey)
    A Sight to See Is This Bee

    Ever seen a green metallic sweat bee? The colors are exquisite. This is a female Agapostemon on a purple coneflower at UC Davis.  They are called "sweat bees" because they are attracted to human perspiration. The genders are easy to...

  • Dr. Kassim Al-Khatib at the CA Rice Field Day 2021
    California Rice Field Day is back!

    The California Rice Field Day is back! The annual event, sponsored by the California Cooperative Rice Research Foundation and the California Rice Board, returned to in-person status on August 25, 2021 after being held virtually in 2020. The field day is...

  • Praying mantis meets quail. (Photo by Kathy Keatley Garvey)
    The Tale of a Quail and a Mantis

    It would never happen in real life. A quail and a praying mantis together? Except when one is a decorative metal sculpture. A mantis, a carnivore, is known to eat hummingbirds (in addition to its regular diet of bees and butterflies, et al). And a...

  • The late Robbin Thorp (1933-2019) annually searched for Franklin's bumble bee but hadn't seen it since 2006. That's his image of the bee on his computer screen. (Photo by Kathy Keatley Garvey)
    How Franklin's Bumble Bee May Be Found

    Is Franklin's bumble bee extinct or is it just elusive? Annual search parties conducted since 2006 have failed to locate the species. Now scientists may learn its status via DNA "fingerprints." A recent article in the National...

  • An energetic honey bee heads for a cape mallow (Anisodontea sp.
    Sorry, We're Closed? Not the California Master Beekeeper Program!

    Sorry, we're closed! What's a honey bee to do when one of her favorite flowers, cape mallow (Anisodontea sp. "Strybing Beauty") is not open for bees-ness. Well, leave it to the bee to find a way. We recently witnessed a honey bee encountering a...

Calendar of Upcoming Events
Event Name Date
The UC Alfalfa and Forage Field Day 9/23/2021

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