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Field Notes Newsletter

February 2011

This newsletter is an opportunity for our ag advisors to share happenings from the field, development of new technologies & research results of local importance.

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May 2020 Field Notes Newsletter

In this issue:

Reports of Lilac Borer Infestation in Commercial Olive Orchards in the North San Joaquin Valley

Livestock Update

Spring Cattle Work and COVID-19

Nitrogen Fertilizer Management in Wheat

Nutrient Management in Tomatoes

By-Product Management Practices on California Dairies

Field Crop Trends in San Joaquin County from 1960 to 2018


May 2020 Notes from the Field Newsletter

PDF 5/15/20
CE San Joaquin County COVID-19 Statement

Please read our statement on the ongoing COVID-19 developments.

PDF 3/20/20
February 2020 Field Notes Newsletter

In this issue:

Processing Tomato Update

Herbicide Trial in Delta Drill-Seeded Rice

Calendar of Events

  • Golden State Dairy Management Conference
  • Airblast Training Announcement
  • Grape Day Announcement
  • Walnut Institute Announcement


PDF 2/12/20
November 2019 Notes from the Field

In this issue:

Vegetable Crops Disease Update:  Bacterial Bulb Rots of Onion

Field Corn Variety Trial Results

Fungal Canker Diseases Affect Productivity of Sweet Cherry Orchard

Rice Armyworm Monitoring

Calendar of Events

PDF 11/14/19
August 2019 Field Notes Newsletter

Table of Contents

Meet Our new Advisor

Field Crops Update

Puncturevine Management

ABCs of Forage Analysis:  Wet Chemistry vs NIR

Hemp Production Begins in Stanislaus County

Announcements / Calendar of Events


PDF 8/12/19
Notes from the Field Newsletter May 2019

UCCE San Joaquin County's

May 2019 issue of Notes from the Field.


In this issue:

Livestock's Impact on Greenhouse Gases

Bacterial Blossom and Leaf Blast and Canker of Almond Trees

Impact of Warm-season Legume Cover Crop on Soil Properties

Calendar of Events

PDF 5/10/19
Field Notes February 2019
  • Nitrogen Fertilization is Important on First-year, Second Generation Almond Trees Following Whole Orchard Recycling

  • Landscape Trees: To Fertilize or Not to Fertilize
  • Mineral Status of Cattle in California

  • Evaluation of Grafting for Processing Tomatoes

  • Evaluation of Nitrogen Stabilizers for Improving Corn Yields and Plant Nitrogen Status

  • Almond Hull Usage on California Dairies


PDF 2/22/19
Field Notes November 2018
  • Dormant Weed Control in Almond Orchards
  • Old Pest-New Problem: Infestation of Pacific Flatheaded Borer in Walnuts in the Northern San Joaquin Valley
  • 2018 Evaluation of Fungicides for Control of Tomato Powdery Mildew
  • Field Corn Variety Trial Results
PDF 11/13/18
Field Notes August 2018
  • Welcome our New Advisor
  • Nutria: The Triple Threat to California's Future
  • Understanding the Overwintering Biology of the Husk Fly
  • Cover Cropping Trial in the Delta
  • Warm Season Cover Crops Field Day
  • California Sorghum Silage: Nutrient Composition and Fermentation Characteristics
  • Pest Management Update for Tomatoes
  • Livestock and Natural Resources Update
  • Walnut Short Course
PDF 8/7/18
Field Notes May 2018
  • Considerations for a Successful Sorghum Silage Crop
  • 2018 California Leopold Conservation Award Seeks Nominees
  • Small Grains and Soil Health Field Meeting
  • Managing Water for Drought and Salinity
  • Nitrogen Efficiency in Almond Production
  • Nitrogen Management in Tomatoes
PDF 5/4/18
Field Notes February 2018
  • The Report from Pennsylvania
  • Effects of Medusahead on Beef Cattle Gains
  • Calendar of Events
  • Golden State Dairy Management Conference
  • Sorghum Seeding Rate Trial Results
  • Almond Bloom Disease Control
  • Insect Pest Monitoring for Tree Crops (Bloom-Spring)
PDF 2/14/18
Field Notes November 2017
  • Field Corn Variety Trial Results
  • Southern Blight Cliff Notes 2017
  • Pasture Management in the Fall
  • Aspergillus niger induced Hull Rot on Almond
  • Grape Digest - Post Harvest
  • Calendar of Events
PDF 11/9/17
Field Notes August 2017
  • Almond Scab
  • Monitoring Forage Particle Length-How and Why?
  • Update on Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) Monitoring 2017
  • Field Crops Update
  • Calendar of Events
PDF 8/8/17
Field Notes May 2017
  • Brenna Aegerter Sabbatical Leave
  • Nitrogen Mineralization in Organic and Mineral Soils
  • California Sorghum Silage at Harvest: Practices and Nutrient Profile
  • Distinguishing Bacterial Canker from Phytophthora Root and Crown Rot
  • Tomato Powdery Mildew
  • Calendar of Events
  • California Leopold Conservation Award Seeks Nominees
  • 2017 California Small Farm Conference
  • AgPlus Rural Food Business Workshop
PDF 5/5/17
Field Notes -EXTRA- April 2017

2017 Flooded Orchards and Vineyards

PDF 4/14/17
Field Notes February 2017
  • Grass Tetany
  • Sorghum Seeding Rate Trial-2016 Results
  • The Water Use Classification of Landscape Species: finding Low-Water Plants for the Garden
  • Grape Digest-Rainfall, Weeds, and Invasive Pests
  • Almond Bloom Disease Control 
  • Calendar of Events
  • Evaluation of Potassium Fertilization for Processing Tomatoes in the North Delta
  • San Jose Scale and its Biological Control Activity in the NSJV
PDF 2/16/17
Field Notes November 2016
  • Livestock and Natural Resources Update
  • Silage Structure Options: Not One Size Fits All
  • Alfalfa IPM Survey
  • Calendar of Events
  • Processing Tomatoes: Evolution of Fusarium-resistant and -tolerant varieties
  • Grape Digest
  • Field Corn Variety Trial Results
  • Whole Almond Orchard Recycling
  • UCCE Mailing List Update
PDF 2/16/17
Delta Corn and Sorghum Field Meeting

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

10:00 am - 11:30 am

Mello Farms, Brunk Road, Tyler Island

  • Field corn variety evaluation-preliminary results
  • Variety traits for the Delta
  • Sorghum seeding rates for optimum productivity-preliminary results
  • Viewing of field plots
PDF 9/14/16
Field Notes August 2016

Fusarium wilt of tomatoes      

Cherry Production Self-Assessment Workshop              

Are you Pushing Out a Chandler Orchard in the Next Year?     

Almond Scab         

2016 Alfalfa & Forage Field Day              

Almond Short Course            

Taking Nut Samples at Harvest for Insect Damage Assessment  

Calendar of Events               

Winegrape Crop Digest         

Armyworms in Delta Rice      

UCCE Mailing List Update

PDF 8/12/16
Field Notes May 2016
  • Vegetable Crops Update
  • Joe Grant: Changing Lanes
  • Alternative Forages: How Does Sorghum Fit into CA Dairy Systems
  • Nitrogen Efficiency in Almond Production
  • Spider Mites in Almonds: Monitoring and Management
  • Field Crops Observations
  • 2016 California Leopold Conservation Award Seeks Nominees
  • Grape Digest
PDF 5/6/16
Quad County Walnut Institute

Reminding you of Quad County Walnut Institute – being held this year in conjunction with the Walnut Trade Show – scheduled for Tuesday March 15, 2016 at the Stockton Fairgrounds.


Joe Grant
UC Cooperative Extension
2101 E. Earhart Avenue, Suite 200
Stockton, CA 95206
Cell: (209) 483-4572
Office: (209) 953-6100
Email: jagrant@ucanr.edu

PDF 3/11/16
Field Notes February 2016
  • SJC & Delta Field Crops Blog
  • Golden State Dairy Management Conference
  • Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) and its spread in CA
  • 2016 Organic, Fresh Market Tomato Production
  • Almond Bloom Disease Control
  • Curly Top Virus in Tomatoes
  • Rice Variety Trial Results
PDF 2/19/16
Field Notes November 2015
  • Spotted Wing Drosophila in California Cherries
  • CA Rangeland Conservation Coalition's 11th Annual Summit: Wildfire & Rangeland Management-Mediating Impacts to Conservation & Ranching
  • Pruning First Season Dormant Almond Trees
  • Seed Treatments for Wireworm Control in Field Corn
  • In the Vineyard-A Year in Review
  • Powdery Mildew and Curly Top in Tomatoes
PDF 12/2/15
Field Notes August 2015
  • New IPM Advisor, Jhalendra Rijal
  • Announcing the Agronomy Research & Information Center
  • Tomato Disease Observations This Season
  • Armyworms in Rice - A Second Outbreak
  • Verticillium Wilt on Young Almond Trees
  • Calendar of Events
  • 2014 Corn Silage Audit
  • In the Vineyard
  • Managing Navel Orangeworm in Walnut is a Season-long Effort


PDF 8/21/15
Field Notes May 2015
  • Drought Update and Field Crop Irrigation Strategies in the Vineyard
  • Distinguishing Bacterial Canker from Phytophthora Root and Crown Rot in Almonds
  • The Importance of Dry Matter: Tips for Feeding Dairy Producers


PDF 6/26/15
Field Notes February 2015
  • Is Walnut Deep Bark Canker on the Rise?
  • Potassium Requirements for Tomatoes
  • Got Potassium?
  • Announcements/Calendar of Events
  • Bacterial Spot of Almond in California
  • Rice Variety Trial Results
PDF 2/18/15
Field Notes August 2014
  • Vegetable Update
  • New Irrigation Management Publication: Using the Pressure Chamber for Irrigation Management in Walnut, Almond, and Prune
  • Salinity, Compaction, and other Alfalfa Questions and Answers
  • Similarity in Symptoms of Salt Burn Injury and Almond Leaf Scorch
  • Water Management to Mitigate Blanking in Rice
  • Buying or Selling Corn Silage This Summer?
  • Seven Points for Effective Labor Management
PDF 8/19/14
Field Notes May 2014
  • 100 Years of Cooperative Extension
  • Field Evaluations of PHEROCON SWD Lures
  • Evaluation of Surface Water Quality on the Soil Leaching Fraction in the Delta
  • Strategies for Coping with Drought: Processing Tomatoes
  • Crop Digest: Grapes
  • Drought Irrigation Management of Almonds
PDF 5/16/14
Field Notes November 2014
  • Two New Invasive Stink Bug Pests of Vegetables
  • Botryosphaeria & Post-Harvest Pruning of Walnuts
  • Dormant Weed Control in Orchards
  • Field Corn Variety Trial Results
  • In the Vineyard
  • Water Coalition Continuing Education Requirement
  • Livestock Lines Highlights
  • Calendar of Events


PDF 11/17/14
Field Notes February 2014
  • Cold and Dry Thoughts for 2014: Grapes
  • Vegetable Crops-Update on Variety Trials and Curly Top Virus
  • On-Line Book: Party-Directed Mediation
  • Landscaping with Native Oaks
  • Dormant Weed Control in Tree Nut Crops 2014
  • Calendar of Events
  • Rice Variety Trial Results
  • New Rulings for Piece-Rate Paid Employees
PDF 2/7/14
Field Notes November 2013
  • Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) - Coming Our Way 
  • Field Corn Variety Trial Results
  • Silage Management Reminders for Feeders
  • Foamy Canker Disease of Almonds
  • Local Evaluation of Processing Tomato Varieties 2013
  • 2013 Mite ID & Managment Workshops
  • Thanks to our Cooperators
PDF 11/8/13
Field Notes August 2013
  • Field Crop Pests
  • Crop Digest Grapes
  • Curly Top Disease in Vegetables
  • Calendar of Events
  • Bacterial Spot on Almond Found in the San Joaquin Valley
  • Possible Reasons for Heavy June Walnut Drop
  • Evaluating Kernel Processing During Harvest
  • Wood Canker Disease Management Survey
  • Conservation Tillage Dairy Bus Tours
PDF 8/8/13
Field Notes May 2013
  • Got Mulch? Using Mulch in the Landscape
  • Tomato Spotted Wilt Field Risk Index and Thrips Projections
  • Medusahead on Rangelands
  • Managing for Quality
  • The ABC's of Forage Analysis: What are NFC and NSC?
  • Almond Mite Management in May 
  • Delta Research Overview
  • Crop Digest: Grapes


PDF 5/13/13
Pomegranate Workshop - Meeting Notice

When:  April 4, 2013, 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Where: Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
            Nectarine Room           
            9240 South Riverbend Avenue
            Parlier, CA 93642


RSVP to rhmolinar@ucanr.edu

PDF 3/20/13
Field Notes February 2013
  • Almond Bloom Disease Control
  • Soil Leaching Requirement of Alfalfa
  • Rice Variety Trial Results
  • Crop Digest: Grapes
  • Employee of the Month Flaw
PDF 2/26/13
Field Notes November 2012
  • Fertilize Alfalfa in the Fall
  • Points to Consider in the Prevention of Crown Gall
  • Microbial Soil Inoculant Tested on Walnut Crown Gall
  • Dormant Weed Control in Tree Nut Crops 2012-2013
  • Processing Tomatoes: Local Evaluation of Full-Season Varities
  • Back to Basics: The ABCs of Forage Analysis
  • Dormant Weed Control in Tree Nut Crops 2012-2013
PDF 11/14/12
Field Notes August 2012

Pursuit Herbicide Injury to Almond

Walnut Blight: What Went Wrong This Season?

Soil Conservation: A Historical Look

Conservation Tillage: Classifications and Examples

Update on Thrips-vectored Virus Diseases in Vegetables

Putting Our Best Foot Forward

UCCE Silage Day

Conservation Ag and Controlled Traffic Farming 2012

Beef Quality Assurance Program

Small Landowner Livestock Short Course

PDF 8/15/12
Field Notes May 2012 PDF 5/10/12
Field Notes February 2012

Welcome to Michelle Leinfelder-Miles
Western Flower Thrips Suspected as Cause of Cherry Damage 
Water Diversion Measurement Workshop
Drip Irrigation of Tomatoes Workshop
Crops Digest-Grapes
Spotted Wing Drosophila Recommendations for Sweet Cherry
Drought on Rangelands
Drought Sales of Livestock, Managing the Taxes
Rosetta Stone, Spanish Immersion Tool
Controlling gophers in Orchards
Eat Your Fruits & Veggies and Don't Fear the "Dirty" Rhetoric
Calendar of Events

PDF 2/22/12
Field Notes November 2011

* Fall Nutrition in Almond Orchards
* Processing Tomatoes: Local evaluation of full-season varieties
* In the Vineyard

PDF 11/16/11
Meeting Notice

October 5, 2011   10:00 a.m. til noon
3013 Shoemake Avenue, Modesto

See and compare new, cleaner operating nut harvesting equipment at work.

PDF 9/29/11
Field Notes August 2011

*Crop Digest: Grapes
*Verticillium Wilt on Young Almond Trees
*Forage Production and Irrigated Pasture Weeds
*Managing for More Milk
*Calendar of Events

PDF 8/29/11
Meeting Notice from Small Farm Center

Collaborating to Access New Markets
a workshop offered by the UC Small Farm Center

When: 9 a.m. until 3 p.m., Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where: 147 W. Main Street, Woodland, CA (Yolo County Housing Authority)

Registration is online at    http://ucanr.org/collaborating
$15 until June 24, or $20 after.  Lunch included.

Questions? Penny Leff, 530-752-7779

click link to see or download the flyer

PDF 6/13/11
Field Notes May 2011
  • Distinguishing Bacterial Canker from Phytophthora Root and Crown Rot
  • Managing Mistletoe
  • Yellow Book Goes Online
  • Crops Digest - Grapes
  • Update on Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus
  • What do New Changes in Aluminum Phosphide Labels
  • Mean for Burrowing Mammal Control?
PDF 5/23/11
February 2011

*Tomato Powdery Mildew Control Programs
*Experience is Increasing With New UC Walnut Varieties
*Back to Basics: Milk Quality-It Starts on the Farm
*Pruning First Season Dormant Almond Trees
*Conservation Cropping Conferences
*Crop Digest-Grapes
*Calendar of Events
*Pocket Gopher IPM
*59th Annual Oakdale Livestock Forum

PDF 2/14/11
May 2010 *Monitoring Pests in an Almond Orchard *Matching Animal Requirements With Feeding Practices *Calendar of Events *Tomato Powdery Mildew *Foreman Training Video Tapes *Crop Digest: Grapes *Greenhouse Gasses and Livestock Production *OICT Field Tour & Barbeque *Nitrogen and Almond Growth PDF 7/26/10
Vol. 6, No. 4 - February 2010 * A Welcome...And a Farewell * Too Much of a Good Thing * Walnut Research Reports * 2010 Spotted Wing Drosphila (SWD) * Colorado Feedlot Wage Survey 2009 * Dairy Herdsman Short Course * Carbon Sequestration on Rangelands * 58th Annual Oakdale Livestock Forum * Plant Picks for a Green 2010 Landscape * Almond Bloom/Post-Bloom Period * Crops Digest - Grapes 2010 * Comparing ReTain & Hold - Reducing PFA in Serr Walnuts * Update of Research on Tomato Powdery Mildew * Calendar of Events PDF 7/26/10
Vol. 6, No. 3 - November 2009 * Crop Digest - Grapes * New County Director/Advisor Appointed * Controlling Bacterial Canker in Cherries * Colorado Feedlot Wage Surey 2009 * Spray Safe * Almond PMA * 2009 Processing Tomato Variety Evaluation * Tis the Season for Control of the Pesky Scale PDF 7/26/10
Vol. 5, No. 3 - August 2009 * Potassium Requirements for Tomatoes * Ranch Water Quality Shortcourse * Spotted Wing Drosophila, A New Pest of Soft Fruits * Productivity, Excellence and Giftedness * Crop Digest * Key Points for Growing a Healthy Lawn * Is Dairy Production More Environmentally Friendly? * Calendar of Events PDF 7/26/10
Vol. 5, No. 2 - May 2009 * Codling Moth Control Options Near Waterways * Root-Knot Nematodes in Tomatoes * A Thank You From Mick Canevari * Crop Digest - Grapes * Ecological & Economical Impacts of Management Options for Medusahead * Poisonous Weeds Affect Livestock * Composting 101, The Basic Course * Almond PMA * Newsletter Mailing List Update * Weed Control Performance Reviewed PDF 7/26/10
Vol. 5, No. 1 - February 2009 * Irrigating Orchards in a Drought Year * Crop Digest--Grapes & Almonds * Irrigating Alfalfa with Limited Water Supplies * Livestock Lines Revisted * Deficit Irrigation Strategies for Processing Tomatoes * Wheat Irrigation & Moisture Stress * Drought Tolerant Plants for Your Landscape * Supervisory Training Seminar PDF 7/26/10
Vol. 4, No. 4 - November 2008 *Delta Responsible Landscape Training *UC Master Gardener Program is Growing *Processing Tomato Variety Evaluation *Alfalfa Weed Control & Variety Trial Highlights *Cancellation of Manex Registration Announced *Causes & Control of Cherry Limb Dieback *Crop Digest: Grapes & Almonds *Pasteurized Colostrum & Your Calf Management *Upcoming Livestock Meetings PDF 7/26/10
Vol. 4, No. 3 - Sept. 2008 * Fertilizer Sticker Shock? Consider Cover Crops * Viruses & Powdery Mildew in Tomatoes * Country Of Origin Labeling (COOL) * San Joaquin County Agritourism Conference * Crop Digest - Grapes & Almonds * Extending the Life of Ornamental Trees * The Stories We Tell Ourselves * 2007/08 San Joaquin Delta Wheat Variety Trial * Evaluation of Insect Repellents & Barriers as Methods to Control Cucumber Mosaic Virus of Bell Peppers PDF 7/26/10
May 2008 * Meet the New Farm Advisor * Considerations in Planting Olives for Oil * Calendar of Events * Thanking our Cooperators * Can You Trust the Selection Interview? * Controlling Medusahead--What Options do I Have? * Root & Crown Rot of Tomatoes, Peppers & Squash * Management Strategies for Offsetting Rising Fertilizer Costs * Grapes & Almonds * Salt: Can We Cut it Out of Our Plant's Diet? PDF 7/26/10
February 2008 * Irrigation Management for Almond Trees Under Drought Conditions * Locke Ranch IPM Award * Grapes & Almonds Crop Digest - Chilling & Rainfall * Calendar of Events * Thanking our Cooperators * Managing Fungicides Applications to Avoid Resistance * Packing Shed Quality Control * Fertilizing Wheat for Yield & Quality * Water Efficient Landscapes in California Central Valley * Availability of UC Clonal Paradox Rootstocks * AgVenture PDF 7/26/10
December 2007 * San Joaquin County UC Master Gardeners * Grapes & Almonds - November 2007 * Fusarium Diseases of Tomatoes * Weed Control Makes You Money in Alfalfa * Egg on Your Face: Quality Control Object Lesson * Ag Labor Management Book Available * Time to Irrigate Your Orchard * Agriculture Center Demonstration Garden Update * Calendar of Events * Thanking Our Cooperators PDF 7/26/10
August 2007 * Meet the New Advisor * Field Observations in Tomatoes & Peppers * 2007 National Association of County Agents & Advisors, Grand Rapids, Michigan * Grapes & Almonds * Water Quality Update * Range Camp Update * Field Bindweed & Water Quality * Interpersonal Negotiation Skills Seminar * The Accommodating Syndrome * Interstems Not Effective in Improving Orchard Performance of Colt Rootstocks for Cherries PDF 7/26/10
May 2007 * Bell & Specialty Pepper Variety Trial * Fruit Crops: Preventing Food-Borne Illness * Management Practices to Reduce Chlorpyrifos Found in Surface Waters * Grapes & Almonds * Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus * Rodent control for Alfalfa & Other Crops * Dairy Cow Nutrition: The Corn Grain Dilemma PDF 7/26/10
February 2007 *Search for a "Super-Paradox" Rootstock *Agricultural Discharges & Water Quality *Grapes/Almonds Crop Digest *Ag Labor eSeminars *Processing Tomato Variety Evaluation *New "Food Safety at Farmers Markets & Agritourism Venues" Publication Available *Consider Best Management Practices when Control Weevils in Alfalfa PDF 7/26/10
November 2006 * Alfalfa & Grass Hays * Grape & Almond Seasons Draw to a Close * Documenting Meeting Attendance * Phytophthora & Phosphonates * Year One in the Valley * Photo Journal: Sabbatical in Equador PDF 7/26/10
August 2006 * New Walnut Varieties Released by UC Davis * Tarweed Control * Grapes & Almonds * Puncturevine * Lygus Control in Dry Beans * Reducing Dairy Cattle Heat Stress * Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus PDF 7/26/10
May 2006 * Information for Small Farms * Coping with the Aftermath of Wet Weather in Veg Crops * Moving Mulch Around * Almonds & Grapes * Winter Conditions Relentless for Field Crops * Do Cover Crops Compete with Vines for Water? * Using XanthoCast to Assess Walnut Blight Risk PDF 7/26/10
November 2005 *Meet the New Farm Advisor *2005 California Small Farm Conference *Crop Digest 2005 - Grapes & Almonds *Finding a Balance on Valley Dairies *Avoiding Fall Frost & Winter Freeze Injury in Walnut Orchards *Wheat Varieties for 2006 PDF 7/26/10
February 2006 *Combining Dairy Manure & No-Till *Use of Powdery Mildew Model for Reduction of Fungicide Application *Egyptian Alfalfa Weevil *Are English Rootstocks the Answer to Blackline? *Cold Weather Issues in Grapes & Almonds *2005 Bell Pepper Variety Evaluation Trial *Managing Rain-Damaged Crops PDF 7/26/10
August 2005 *Solarizing as an Alternative to Vegetable Bed Fumigation *Wine Grapes & Almonds Move Toward Harvest *Roundup Ready Alfalfa *UC Releases New Cherry Rootstocks *Drinking Water for Dairy Animals PDF 7/26/10