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Theresa Becchetti grew up on her family’s farm in MO where her love of agriculture began, especially for cattle. The family later moved to San Diego, but Theresa kept her deep love for agriculture. She received her BS at Cal Poly SLO in Animal Science, concentrating in natural resource management, with a minor in Watershed Management. While at Cal Poly, Theresa was very active in the Beef Program as a resident herdsman for two of the facilities and a member of the beef enterprises. She then went to Davis for her MS in Animal Science where she conducted a statewide research project concerning riparian grazing. The main objective of the project was to find associations between grazing management, site characteristics, and riparian/stream health, allowing managers to implement management practices that can safeguard riparian areas without simply fencing the area out. Theresa has a cross-county appointment for Stanislaus County as well.

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Theresa A. Becchetti Livestock and Natural Resources
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