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Field Notes Newsletter

February 2011

This newsletter is an opportunity for our ag advisors to share happenings from the field, development of new technologies & research results of local importance.

Issue Articles Type Date Added
November 2022 Field Notes Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Ground Squirrels on Rangelands
  • Local Processing Tomato Variety Evaluation
  • 2022 Delta Rice Recap
  • 2021-2022 Small Grains Variety Trial Results
  • UC ANR Announcements & Calendar of Events
  • Remembering Franz Reinhart Kegel


PDF 11/14/22
Field Notes Newsletter August 2022

In this issue:

  • Vegetable Disease Update
  • Compost Application to Alfalfa
  • Newer Insecticides Critical for Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) Resistance Management
  • Troubleshooting Dry Matter Results
  • Improved Water Management Strategies for Hedgerow Olive Orchards in California
  • UC ANR Announcements and Calendar of Events
PDF 8/22/22
May 2022 Field Notes Newsletter

In this issue:

Bacterial Blossom and Leaf Blast and Canker of Almond Trees……...1

Want Alternative Manure Management Information…………………….2

Soil Health in Alfalfa Receiving Full and Deficit Irrigation………………3

Nitrogen Management in Walnuts……………..…………………...…… 4

UC ANR Announcements and Calendar of Events……………………..7

Airblast 2022 Virtual Conference….……………………………………...8

2022 UC Davis Small Grains and Alfalfa/Forages Field Day…………..9

Olive Oil Irrigation Field Day……………………………………………..10


PDF 5/11/22
February 2022 Notes from the Field

In this issue:

  • Local Field Trials Evaluating Management Options for Fusarium Diseases of Processing Tomato
  • Management of Botryosphaeria-Phomopsis and Mold of Walnut
  • 2021 Rice Research Updates
  • UC ANR Announcements/ Calendar of Events
PDF 2/17/22
CropManage Hands-on Workshop 

Learn how to use CropManage to support irrigation and nutrient management decisions and record-keeping for your crops. 

CropManage is a free online decision-support tool for water and nutrient management of vegetables, berry, agronomic, and tree crops. Based on in-depth research and field studies conducted by the University of California Cooperative Extension, CropManage provides real-time recommendations for efficient and timely irrigation and fertilization applications while maintaining or improving overall yield. 

At this free workshop, we will provide hands-on training so that you can learn to use the newest version of CropManage. Crops currently supported include many vegetables (carrots, broccoli, lettuce, tomato, spinach, etc.), berry crops (raspberry and strawberry), tree crops (almond, walnut, and pistachio), and agronomic crops (alfalfa and corn). CropManage is now also available in Spanish.



PDF 1/19/22
November 2021 Field Notes Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Using N-Rich Reference Zones in Wheat to Guide Fertilizer Management  
  • Field Corn Variety Trial Variety Results      
  • Look out for Thousand Cankers Disease in Your Walnut Orchard            
  • 2021 Delta Rice Recap
  • Managing Fusarium falciforme Vine Decline of Tomato  
  • UC ANR Announcements/ Calendar of Events
  • Announcements from our Partners
PDF 11/9/21
August 2021 Field Notes Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Processing Tomato Update
  • Investigation of Possible ALS-Resistant Common Chickweed Populations in the San Joaquin Valley
  • Investigating the Cause of Leaf Blotch and Fruit Spot of Apple
  • Nitrogen Fertility in Common Beans Following Whole Orchard Recycling
  • Updates on Botryosphaeria-Phomopsis Diseases of Walnut
  • Calendar of Events
PDF 8/16/21
May 2021 Field Notes Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Drought and Livestock
  • Summary of Agronomic Crops Production Survey
  • Vegetable Crops Update 
  • Nitrogen Efficiency in Almond Production
  • Autumn Freeze Damage in San Joaquin and Stanislaus County Walnuts: November 2020
  • Calendar of Events 
PDF 5/10/21
February 2021 Newsletter

In this issue you can find the following:

  • Meet the New Advisor
  • Herbicide Trial in Delta Drill-Seeded Rice 
  • Warm-season Legume Cover Cropping in the Delta 
  • Verticillium Wilt vs. Freeze Damage of Super High
  • Density Oil Olive 
  • Calendar of Events / Announcements 
PDF 2/25/21
November 2020 Field Notes Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Second Generation Almond Tree Nitrogen Needs Following Whole Orchard Recycling  
  • Field Corn Variety Trial           
  • Phytophthora Root and Crown Rot & Paradox Canker Disease 
  • in Walnuts               
  • Fall Irrigated Pasture Management               
  • Vegetable Update   


PDF 11/17/20
Expanding Testing to Contain COVID in the Ag Community

San Joaquin County Clinics and the Agricultural Commissioner has joined hands to minimize the negative impact of COVID on our agricultural community by providing FREE pop up testing clinics. 

DOCX 9/8/20
August 2020 Notes from the Field Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Soil Health in Alfalfa Receiving Full and Deficit Irrigation Livestock Update
  • Livestock Update
  • Report of Cherry X-Disease Phytoplasma in Northern San Joaquin Valley
  • "How To" Reminders for Summer Silage Harvest
  • Sat Burn Injury or Almond Leaf Scorch
  • Calendar of Events 
PDF 8/14/20
May 2020 Field Notes Newsletter

In this issue:

Reports of Lilac Borer Infestation in Commercial Olive Orchards in the North San Joaquin Valley

Livestock Update

Spring Cattle Work and COVID-19

Nitrogen Fertilizer Management in Wheat

Nutrient Management in Tomatoes

By-Product Management Practices on California Dairies

Field Crop Trends in San Joaquin County from 1960 to 2018


May 2020 Notes from the Field Newsletter

PDF 5/15/20
CE San Joaquin County COVID-19 Statement

Please read our statement on the ongoing COVID-19 developments.

PDF 3/20/20
February 2020 Field Notes Newsletter

In this issue:

Processing Tomato Update

Herbicide Trial in Delta Drill-Seeded Rice

Calendar of Events

  • Golden State Dairy Management Conference
  • Airblast Training Announcement
  • Grape Day Announcement
  • Walnut Institute Announcement


PDF 2/12/20
November 2019 Notes from the Field

In this issue:

Vegetable Crops Disease Update:  Bacterial Bulb Rots of Onion

Field Corn Variety Trial Results

Fungal Canker Diseases Affect Productivity of Sweet Cherry Orchard

Rice Armyworm Monitoring

Calendar of Events

PDF 11/14/19
August 2019 Field Notes Newsletter

Table of Contents

Meet Our new Advisor

Field Crops Update

Puncturevine Management

ABCs of Forage Analysis:  Wet Chemistry vs NIR

Hemp Production Begins in Stanislaus County

Announcements / Calendar of Events


PDF 8/12/19
Notes from the Field Newsletter May 2019

UCCE San Joaquin County's

May 2019 issue of Notes from the Field.


In this issue:

Livestock's Impact on Greenhouse Gases

Bacterial Blossom and Leaf Blast and Canker of Almond Trees

Impact of Warm-season Legume Cover Crop on Soil Properties

Calendar of Events

PDF 5/10/19
Field Notes November 2018
  • Dormant Weed Control in Almond Orchards
  • Old Pest-New Problem: Infestation of Pacific Flatheaded Borer in Walnuts in the Northern San Joaquin Valley
  • 2018 Evaluation of Fungicides for Control of Tomato Powdery Mildew
  • Field Corn Variety Trial Results
PDF 11/13/18
Field Notes February 2019
  • Nitrogen Fertilization is Important on First-year, Second Generation Almond Trees Following Whole Orchard Recycling

  • Landscape Trees: To Fertilize or Not to Fertilize
  • Mineral Status of Cattle in California

  • Evaluation of Grafting for Processing Tomatoes

  • Evaluation of Nitrogen Stabilizers for Improving Corn Yields and Plant Nitrogen Status

  • Almond Hull Usage on California Dairies


PDF 2/22/19
Field Notes August 2018
  • Welcome our New Advisor
  • Nutria: The Triple Threat to California's Future
  • Understanding the Overwintering Biology of the Husk Fly
  • Cover Cropping Trial in the Delta
  • Warm Season Cover Crops Field Day
  • California Sorghum Silage: Nutrient Composition and Fermentation Characteristics
  • Pest Management Update for Tomatoes
  • Livestock and Natural Resources Update
  • Walnut Short Course
PDF 8/7/18
Field Notes May 2018
  • Considerations for a Successful Sorghum Silage Crop
  • 2018 California Leopold Conservation Award Seeks Nominees
  • Small Grains and Soil Health Field Meeting
  • Managing Water for Drought and Salinity
  • Nitrogen Efficiency in Almond Production
  • Nitrogen Management in Tomatoes
PDF 5/4/18
Field Notes February 2018
  • The Report from Pennsylvania
  • Effects of Medusahead on Beef Cattle Gains
  • Calendar of Events
  • Golden State Dairy Management Conference
  • Sorghum Seeding Rate Trial Results
  • Almond Bloom Disease Control
  • Insect Pest Monitoring for Tree Crops (Bloom-Spring)
PDF 2/14/18
Field Notes November 2017
  • Field Corn Variety Trial Results
  • Southern Blight Cliff Notes 2017
  • Pasture Management in the Fall
  • Aspergillus niger induced Hull Rot on Almond
  • Grape Digest - Post Harvest
  • Calendar of Events
PDF 11/9/17
Field Notes August 2017
  • Almond Scab
  • Monitoring Forage Particle Length-How and Why?
  • Update on Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) Monitoring 2017
  • Field Crops Update
  • Calendar of Events
PDF 8/8/17
Field Notes May 2017
  • Brenna Aegerter Sabbatical Leave
  • Nitrogen Mineralization in Organic and Mineral Soils
  • California Sorghum Silage at Harvest: Practices and Nutrient Profile
  • Distinguishing Bacterial Canker from Phytophthora Root and Crown Rot
  • Tomato Powdery Mildew
  • Calendar of Events
  • California Leopold Conservation Award Seeks Nominees
  • 2017 California Small Farm Conference
  • AgPlus Rural Food Business Workshop
PDF 5/5/17
Field Notes -EXTRA- April 2017

2017 Flooded Orchards and Vineyards

PDF 4/14/17
Field Notes February 2017
  • Grass Tetany
  • Sorghum Seeding Rate Trial-2016 Results
  • The Water Use Classification of Landscape Species: finding Low-Water Plants for the Garden
  • Grape Digest-Rainfall, Weeds, and Invasive Pests
  • Almond Bloom Disease Control 
  • Calendar of Events
  • Evaluation of Potassium Fertilization for Processing Tomatoes in the North Delta
  • San Jose Scale and its Biological Control Activity in the NSJV
PDF 2/16/17
Field Notes November 2016
  • Livestock and Natural Resources Update
  • Silage Structure Options: Not One Size Fits All
  • Alfalfa IPM Survey
  • Calendar of Events
  • Processing Tomatoes: Evolution of Fusarium-resistant and -tolerant varieties
  • Grape Digest
  • Field Corn Variety Trial Results
  • Whole Almond Orchard Recycling
  • UCCE Mailing List Update
PDF 2/16/17
Delta Corn and Sorghum Field Meeting

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

10:00 am - 11:30 am

Mello Farms, Brunk Road, Tyler Island

  • Field corn variety evaluation-preliminary results
  • Variety traits for the Delta
  • Sorghum seeding rates for optimum productivity-preliminary results
  • Viewing of field plots
PDF 9/14/16
Field Notes August 2016

Fusarium wilt of tomatoes      

Cherry Production Self-Assessment Workshop              

Are you Pushing Out a Chandler Orchard in the Next Year?     

Almond Scab         

2016 Alfalfa & Forage Field Day              

Almond Short Course            

Taking Nut Samples at Harvest for Insect Damage Assessment  

Calendar of Events               

Winegrape Crop Digest         

Armyworms in Delta Rice      

UCCE Mailing List Update

PDF 8/12/16
Field Notes May 2016
  • Vegetable Crops Update
  • Joe Grant: Changing Lanes
  • Alternative Forages: How Does Sorghum Fit into CA Dairy Systems
  • Nitrogen Efficiency in Almond Production
  • Spider Mites in Almonds: Monitoring and Management
  • Field Crops Observations
  • 2016 California Leopold Conservation Award Seeks Nominees
  • Grape Digest
PDF 5/6/16
Quad County Walnut Institute

Reminding you of Quad County Walnut Institute – being held this year in conjunction with the Walnut Trade Show – scheduled for Tuesday March 15, 2016 at the Stockton Fairgrounds.


Joe Grant
UC Cooperative Extension
2101 E. Earhart Avenue, Suite 200
Stockton, CA 95206
Cell: (209) 483-4572
Office: (209) 953-6100
Email: jagrant@ucanr.edu

PDF 3/11/16
Field Notes February 2016
  • SJC & Delta Field Crops Blog
  • Golden State Dairy Management Conference
  • Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) and its spread in CA
  • 2016 Organic, Fresh Market Tomato Production
  • Almond Bloom Disease Control
  • Curly Top Virus in Tomatoes
  • Rice Variety Trial Results
PDF 2/19/16
Field Notes November 2015
  • Spotted Wing Drosophila in California Cherries
  • CA Rangeland Conservation Coalition's 11th Annual Summit: Wildfire & Rangeland Management-Mediating Impacts to Conservation & Ranching
  • Pruning First Season Dormant Almond Trees
  • Seed Treatments for Wireworm Control in Field Corn
  • In the Vineyard-A Year in Review
  • Powdery Mildew and Curly Top in Tomatoes
PDF 12/2/15
Field Notes August 2015
  • New IPM Advisor, Jhalendra Rijal
  • Announcing the Agronomy Research & Information Center
  • Tomato Disease Observations This Season
  • Armyworms in Rice - A Second Outbreak
  • Verticillium Wilt on Young Almond Trees
  • Calendar of Events
  • 2014 Corn Silage Audit
  • In the Vineyard
  • Managing Navel Orangeworm in Walnut is a Season-long Effort


PDF 8/21/15
Field Notes May 2015
  • Drought Update and Field Crop Irrigation Strategies in the Vineyard
  • Distinguishing Bacterial Canker from Phytophthora Root and Crown Rot in Almonds
  • The Importance of Dry Matter: Tips for Feeding Dairy Producers


PDF 6/26/15
Field Notes February 2015
  • Is Walnut Deep Bark Canker on the Rise?
  • Potassium Requirements for Tomatoes
  • Got Potassium?
  • Announcements/Calendar of Events
  • Bacterial Spot of Almond in California
  • Rice Variety Trial Results
PDF 2/18/15
Field Notes August 2014
  • Vegetable Update
  • New Irrigation Management Publication: Using the Pressure Chamber for Irrigation Management in Walnut, Almond, and Prune
  • Salinity, Compaction, and other Alfalfa Questions and Answers
  • Similarity in Symptoms of Salt Burn Injury and Almond Leaf Scorch
  • Water Management to Mitigate Blanking in Rice
  • Buying or Selling Corn Silage This Summer?
  • Seven Points for Effective Labor Management
PDF 8/19/14
Field Notes May 2014
  • 100 Years of Cooperative Extension
  • Field Evaluations of PHEROCON SWD Lures
  • Evaluation of Surface Water Quality on the Soil Leaching Fraction in the Delta
  • Strategies for Coping with Drought: Processing Tomatoes
  • Crop Digest: Grapes
  • Drought Irrigation Management of Almonds
PDF 5/16/14
Field Notes November 2014
  • Two New Invasive Stink Bug Pests of Vegetables
  • Botryosphaeria & Post-Harvest Pruning of Walnuts
  • Dormant Weed Control in Orchards
  • Field Corn Variety Trial Results
  • In the Vineyard
  • Water Coalition Continuing Education Requirement
  • Livestock Lines Highlights
  • Calendar of Events


PDF 11/17/14
Field Notes February 2014
  • Cold and Dry Thoughts for 2014: Grapes
  • Vegetable Crops-Update on Variety Trials and Curly Top Virus
  • On-Line Book: Party-Directed Mediation
  • Landscaping with Native Oaks
  • Dormant Weed Control in Tree Nut Crops 2014
  • Calendar of Events
  • Rice Variety Trial Results
  • New Rulings for Piece-Rate Paid Employees
PDF 2/7/14
Field Notes November 2013
  • Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) - Coming Our Way 
  • Field Corn Variety Trial Results
  • Silage Management Reminders for Feeders
  • Foamy Canker Disease of Almonds
  • Local Evaluation of Processing Tomato Varieties 2013
  • 2013 Mite ID & Managment Workshops
  • Thanks to our Cooperators
PDF 11/8/13
Field Notes August 2013
  • Field Crop Pests
  • Crop Digest Grapes
  • Curly Top Disease in Vegetables
  • Calendar of Events
  • Bacterial Spot on Almond Found in the San Joaquin Valley
  • Possible Reasons for Heavy June Walnut Drop
  • Evaluating Kernel Processing During Harvest
  • Wood Canker Disease Management Survey
  • Conservation Tillage Dairy Bus Tours
PDF 8/8/13
Field Notes May 2013
  • Got Mulch? Using Mulch in the Landscape
  • Tomato Spotted Wilt Field Risk Index and Thrips Projections
  • Medusahead on Rangelands
  • Managing for Quality
  • The ABC's of Forage Analysis: What are NFC and NSC?
  • Almond Mite Management in May 
  • Delta Research Overview
  • Crop Digest: Grapes


PDF 5/13/13
Pomegranate Workshop - Meeting Notice

When:  April 4, 2013, 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Where: Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
            Nectarine Room           
            9240 South Riverbend Avenue
            Parlier, CA 93642


RSVP to rhmolinar@ucanr.edu

PDF 3/20/13
Field Notes February 2013
  • Almond Bloom Disease Control
  • Soil Leaching Requirement of Alfalfa
  • Rice Variety Trial Results
  • Crop Digest: Grapes
  • Employee of the Month Flaw
PDF 2/26/13
Field Notes November 2012
  • Fertilize Alfalfa in the Fall
  • Points to Consider in the Prevention of Crown Gall
  • Microbial Soil Inoculant Tested on Walnut Crown Gall
  • Dormant Weed Control in Tree Nut Crops 2012-2013
  • Processing Tomatoes: Local Evaluation of Full-Season Varities
  • Back to Basics: The ABCs of Forage Analysis
  • Dormant Weed Control in Tree Nut Crops 2012-2013
PDF 11/14/12
Field Notes August 2012

Pursuit Herbicide Injury to Almond

Walnut Blight: What Went Wrong This Season?

Soil Conservation: A Historical Look

Conservation Tillage: Classifications and Examples

Update on Thrips-vectored Virus Diseases in Vegetables

Putting Our Best Foot Forward

UCCE Silage Day

Conservation Ag and Controlled Traffic Farming 2012

Beef Quality Assurance Program

Small Landowner Livestock Short Course

PDF 8/15/12
Field Notes May 2012 PDF 5/10/12
Field Notes February 2012

Welcome to Michelle Leinfelder-Miles
Western Flower Thrips Suspected as Cause of Cherry Damage 
Water Diversion Measurement Workshop
Drip Irrigation of Tomatoes Workshop
Crops Digest-Grapes
Spotted Wing Drosophila Recommendations for Sweet Cherry
Drought on Rangelands
Drought Sales of Livestock, Managing the Taxes
Rosetta Stone, Spanish Immersion Tool
Controlling gophers in Orchards
Eat Your Fruits & Veggies and Don't Fear the "Dirty" Rhetoric
Calendar of Events

PDF 2/22/12
Field Notes November 2011

* Fall Nutrition in Almond Orchards
* Processing Tomatoes: Local evaluation of full-season varieties
* In the Vineyard

PDF 11/16/11
Meeting Notice

October 5, 2011   10:00 a.m. til noon
3013 Shoemake Avenue, Modesto

See and compare new, cleaner operating nut harvesting equipment at work.

PDF 9/29/11
Field Notes August 2011

*Crop Digest: Grapes
*Verticillium Wilt on Young Almond Trees
*Forage Production and Irrigated Pasture Weeds
*Managing for More Milk
*Calendar of Events

PDF 8/29/11
Meeting Notice from Small Farm Center

Collaborating to Access New Markets
a workshop offered by the UC Small Farm Center

When: 9 a.m. until 3 p.m., Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where: 147 W. Main Street, Woodland, CA (Yolo County Housing Authority)

Registration is online at    http://ucanr.org/collaborating
$15 until June 24, or $20 after.  Lunch included.

Questions? Penny Leff, 530-752-7779

click link to see or download the flyer

PDF 6/13/11
Field Notes May 2011
  • Distinguishing Bacterial Canker from Phytophthora Root and Crown Rot
  • Managing Mistletoe
  • Yellow Book Goes Online
  • Crops Digest - Grapes
  • Update on Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus
  • What do New Changes in Aluminum Phosphide Labels
  • Mean for Burrowing Mammal Control?
PDF 5/23/11
February 2011

*Tomato Powdery Mildew Control Programs
*Experience is Increasing With New UC Walnut Varieties
*Back to Basics: Milk Quality-It Starts on the Farm
*Pruning First Season Dormant Almond Trees
*Conservation Cropping Conferences
*Crop Digest-Grapes
*Calendar of Events
*Pocket Gopher IPM
*59th Annual Oakdale Livestock Forum

PDF 2/14/11
May 2010 *Monitoring Pests in an Almond Orchard *Matching Animal Requirements With Feeding Practices *Calendar of Events *Tomato Powdery Mildew *Foreman Training Video Tapes *Crop Digest: Grapes *Greenhouse Gasses and Livestock Production *OICT Field Tour & Barbeque *Nitrogen and Almond Growth PDF 7/26/10
Vol. 6, No. 4 - February 2010 * A Welcome...And a Farewell * Too Much of a Good Thing * Walnut Research Reports * 2010 Spotted Wing Drosphila (SWD) * Colorado Feedlot Wage Survey 2009 * Dairy Herdsman Short Course * Carbon Sequestration on Rangelands * 58th Annual Oakdale Livestock Forum * Plant Picks for a Green 2010 Landscape * Almond Bloom/Post-Bloom Period * Crops Digest - Grapes 2010 * Comparing ReTain & Hold - Reducing PFA in Serr Walnuts * Update of Research on Tomato Powdery Mildew * Calendar of Events PDF 7/26/10
Vol. 6, No. 3 - November 2009 * Crop Digest - Grapes * New County Director/Advisor Appointed * Controlling Bacterial Canker in Cherries * Colorado Feedlot Wage Surey 2009 * Spray Safe * Almond PMA * 2009 Processing Tomato Variety Evaluation * Tis the Season for Control of the Pesky Scale PDF 7/26/10
Vol. 5, No. 3 - August 2009 * Potassium Requirements for Tomatoes * Ranch Water Quality Shortcourse * Spotted Wing Drosophila, A New Pest of Soft Fruits * Productivity, Excellence and Giftedness * Crop Digest * Key Points for Growing a Healthy Lawn * Is Dairy Production More Environmentally Friendly? * Calendar of Events PDF 7/26/10
Vol. 5, No. 2 - May 2009 * Codling Moth Control Options Near Waterways * Root-Knot Nematodes in Tomatoes * A Thank You From Mick Canevari * Crop Digest - Grapes * Ecological & Economical Impacts of Management Options for Medusahead * Poisonous Weeds Affect Livestock * Composting 101, The Basic Course * Almond PMA * Newsletter Mailing List Update * Weed Control Performance Reviewed PDF 7/26/10
Vol. 5, No. 1 - February 2009 * Irrigating Orchards in a Drought Year * Crop Digest--Grapes & Almonds * Irrigating Alfalfa with Limited Water Supplies * Livestock Lines Revisted * Deficit Irrigation Strategies for Processing Tomatoes * Wheat Irrigation & Moisture Stress * Drought Tolerant Plants for Your Landscape * Supervisory Training Seminar PDF 7/26/10
Vol. 4, No. 4 - November 2008 *Delta Responsible Landscape Training *UC Master Gardener Program is Growing *Processing Tomato Variety Evaluation *Alfalfa Weed Control & Variety Trial Highlights *Cancellation of Manex Registration Announced *Causes & Control of Cherry Limb Dieback *Crop Digest: Grapes & Almonds *Pasteurized Colostrum & Your Calf Management *Upcoming Livestock Meetings PDF 7/26/10
Vol. 4, No. 3 - Sept. 2008 * Fertilizer Sticker Shock? Consider Cover Crops * Viruses & Powdery Mildew in Tomatoes * Country Of Origin Labeling (COOL) * San Joaquin County Agritourism Conference * Crop Digest - Grapes & Almonds * Extending the Life of Ornamental Trees * The Stories We Tell Ourselves * 2007/08 San Joaquin Delta Wheat Variety Trial * Evaluation of Insect Repellents & Barriers as Methods to Control Cucumber Mosaic Virus of Bell Peppers PDF 7/26/10
May 2008 * Meet the New Farm Advisor * Considerations in Planting Olives for Oil * Calendar of Events * Thanking our Cooperators * Can You Trust the Selection Interview? * Controlling Medusahead--What Options do I Have? * Root & Crown Rot of Tomatoes, Peppers & Squash * Management Strategies for Offsetting Rising Fertilizer Costs * Grapes & Almonds * Salt: Can We Cut it Out of Our Plant's Diet? PDF 7/26/10
February 2008 * Irrigation Management for Almond Trees Under Drought Conditions * Locke Ranch IPM Award * Grapes & Almonds Crop Digest - Chilling & Rainfall * Calendar of Events * Thanking our Cooperators * Managing Fungicides Applications to Avoid Resistance * Packing Shed Quality Control * Fertilizing Wheat for Yield & Quality * Water Efficient Landscapes in California Central Valley * Availability of UC Clonal Paradox Rootstocks * AgVenture PDF 7/26/10
December 2007 * San Joaquin County UC Master Gardeners * Grapes & Almonds - November 2007 * Fusarium Diseases of Tomatoes * Weed Control Makes You Money in Alfalfa * Egg on Your Face: Quality Control Object Lesson * Ag Labor Management Book Available * Time to Irrigate Your Orchard * Agriculture Center Demonstration Garden Update * Calendar of Events * Thanking Our Cooperators PDF 7/26/10
August 2007 * Meet the New Advisor * Field Observations in Tomatoes & Peppers * 2007 National Association of County Agents & Advisors, Grand Rapids, Michigan * Grapes & Almonds * Water Quality Update * Range Camp Update * Field Bindweed & Water Quality * Interpersonal Negotiation Skills Seminar * The Accommodating Syndrome * Interstems Not Effective in Improving Orchard Performance of Colt Rootstocks for Cherries PDF 7/26/10
May 2007 * Bell & Specialty Pepper Variety Trial * Fruit Crops: Preventing Food-Borne Illness * Management Practices to Reduce Chlorpyrifos Found in Surface Waters * Grapes & Almonds * Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus * Rodent control for Alfalfa & Other Crops * Dairy Cow Nutrition: The Corn Grain Dilemma PDF 7/26/10
February 2007 *Search for a "Super-Paradox" Rootstock *Agricultural Discharges & Water Quality *Grapes/Almonds Crop Digest *Ag Labor eSeminars *Processing Tomato Variety Evaluation *New "Food Safety at Farmers Markets & Agritourism Venues" Publication Available *Consider Best Management Practices when Control Weevils in Alfalfa PDF 7/26/10
November 2006 * Alfalfa & Grass Hays * Grape & Almond Seasons Draw to a Close * Documenting Meeting Attendance * Phytophthora & Phosphonates * Year One in the Valley * Photo Journal: Sabbatical in Equador PDF 7/26/10
August 2006 * New Walnut Varieties Released by UC Davis * Tarweed Control * Grapes & Almonds * Puncturevine * Lygus Control in Dry Beans * Reducing Dairy Cattle Heat Stress * Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus PDF 7/26/10
May 2006 * Information for Small Farms * Coping with the Aftermath of Wet Weather in Veg Crops * Moving Mulch Around * Almonds & Grapes * Winter Conditions Relentless for Field Crops * Do Cover Crops Compete with Vines for Water? * Using XanthoCast to Assess Walnut Blight Risk PDF 7/26/10
November 2005 *Meet the New Farm Advisor *2005 California Small Farm Conference *Crop Digest 2005 - Grapes & Almonds *Finding a Balance on Valley Dairies *Avoiding Fall Frost & Winter Freeze Injury in Walnut Orchards *Wheat Varieties for 2006 PDF 7/26/10
February 2006 *Combining Dairy Manure & No-Till *Use of Powdery Mildew Model for Reduction of Fungicide Application *Egyptian Alfalfa Weevil *Are English Rootstocks the Answer to Blackline? *Cold Weather Issues in Grapes & Almonds *2005 Bell Pepper Variety Evaluation Trial *Managing Rain-Damaged Crops PDF 7/26/10
August 2005 *Solarizing as an Alternative to Vegetable Bed Fumigation *Wine Grapes & Almonds Move Toward Harvest *Roundup Ready Alfalfa *UC Releases New Cherry Rootstocks *Drinking Water for Dairy Animals PDF 7/26/10